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Great success for the 3rd edition of Reviviscenze Musicali

05/12/2022 13:00


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Alessandra Sonia Romano e Nadio Marenco

We opened the 2022 Exhibition in Brunello and there, in the same magical place, we concluded it.

We opened the 2022 Exhibition in Brunello and there, in the same magical place, we concluded it.

The Church of Santa Maria Annunciata (13th-14th century) was very auspicious.

It embraced the six concerts of this 3rd edition of Reviviscenze Musicali which also took us to Bodio Lomnago, Albizzate, Vergiate and Cardano al Campo.

It must be recognized how successful this other challenge was, it was a beautiful journey, a crescendo of quality and success, the presence of an audience that never skimped on applause and in warmly expressing the emotion created by the moment.

It is important for us to perceive this feedback because, in addition to gratifying us, it urges us to continue on this path which, despite requiring a lot of commitment, strengthens us in our goal of promoting Art and Culture, important food for the spirit.

Together with this important objective we have another ambitious project (condition contained in the Statute) and that is to support each event with support for a social and/or humanitarian project always identified with great attention by the Association's Steering Committee.

The 2022 Review was associated with the fundraising to support the projects of the Giacomo Ascoli Foundation of Varese, an esteemed and well-known reality in our Province.

We cannot hide a certain disorientation regarding the lack of interest on the part of the Ascoli Foundation.

We would have been very pleased to receive a contact from the representatives and perhaps even their presence at a concert or collaboration for the promotion of the same review. Unfortunately, things didn't go like this but we still trust in our good will to proceed with our principles, even if we are a small reality we have nothing to envy to large institutions just because they are more visible.

We thank the journalist Andrea Giacometti who has always followed us with great attention by publishing interesting articles in the newspaper "La Prealpina".

We are already planning the next activities, always with enthusiasm and a lot of energy.

See you next time and thanks again everyone.


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