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What a success the Homage to Rachmaninoff was

31/10/2023 12:39


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What a success the Homage to Rachmaninoff was

Music is a journey that takes us far away, towards unexpected emotions and moods. In this 4th edition of Reviviscenze Musicali we are lucky...


Music is a journey that takes us far away, towards unexpected emotions and moods.

In this 4th edition of Reviviscenze Musicali we are lucky enough to be able to attend incredible concerts thanks to the Artistic Direction of Maestro Giorgio Rodolfo Marini .

The splendid Church of Santa Maria Annunciata (14th century) in Brunello (Va) hosted the concert on Saturday 28 October 2023 " Homage to Rachmaninov " which saw the performance of songs by Beethoven and Rachmaninov accompanying us to discover the beauty of music classical by two composers of the highest level in a place full of history.


Thanks to the mastery and great sensitivity of the excellent pianist, Maestro Carlo Levi Minzi , the pieces by Beethoven and Rachmaninov came to life and transported us into a world of emotions and intense sensations, allowing us to be captured by the beauty of the notes, immersing ourselves in a An unforgettable experience that enriched us and filled our hearts with joy.


The next appointment is for Saturday 4 November at 9.00 pm at the Church of San Carlo in Cazzago Brabbia (Va) where the " Celestial Harmonies " concert awaits us. It will be an extraordinary event that you absolutely cannot miss! In this other splendid location, immersed in nature and the beauty of Lake Varese, a live music show will take place that will make us daydream. The magic of the notes will transport us into a world of harmonies and the evening will end with a universally known song , particularly exciting and appreciated.

Music has the power to transform our days, to excite us and make us feel alive.

Thanks to the Reviviscenze Musicali review , we will have the opportunity to live unique and unforgettable experiences. We hope many of you will come.



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