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Barks of love: Sixth and last date

22/11/2022 11:00


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Nausicaa Nisati e Donata Mattei

The review Reviviscenze Musicali is preparing for the grand finale. At 21:00 on Saturday 26 November at the Church of Santa Maria a Brunello

The review " Musical Reviscences " is preparing for the grand finale. At 21:00 on Saturday 26 November at the Church of Santa Maria a Brunello, where just over two months ago Maestro Carlo Levi Minzi had opened the dance enchanting at the piano, the last of the six organized evenings is scheduled by the ARTandCHARITY ODV Association
As in the previous appointments, music will also be joined by art in a perfect marriage that will leave you fascinated. Performing in "Cortecce d'amore" is a female duo, the one formed by the contralto Nausicaa Nisati and the harpist Donata Mattei , while the artist who will exhibit her works is Manuela Codazzi.
The proposed musical program ranges between nineteenth and twentieth century authors and has only one common thread: love. Voice and harp combine perfectly and allow the audience to grasp the essence of love communication, sometimes clear and explicit and other times present only between the lines, in an oblique and subdued way.

The two musicians, Nausicaa Nisati from Varese and the Milanese harpist Donata Mattei , are therefore ready to guide those present on a path of emotions.
The ARTandCHARITY ODV Association aims to promote culture alongside specific social and humanitarian support projects identified by the Board of Directors.

Also for the evening of Saturday 26 November, therefore, there will be the possibility of making a free donation to the Giacomo Ascoli Foundation of Varese which works in favor of children and adolescents suffering from onco-haematological diseases.
All information is available on, by writing to or by calling 3385236490.
Please note that admission to the evening is free.

Laura Paganini



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