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2023? A year of successes, but we are already beyond that

16/02/2024 09:19


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2023? A year of successes, but we are already beyond that

The Association has experienced a year full of successes and satisfactions, offering its members and the public a series of unforgettable cultural events


The Association has experienced a year full of successes and satisfactions, offering its members and the public a series of unforgettable cultural events. The Cultural Trips took participants on a journey into the world of music in Cremona, where they were able to immerse themselves in the art of luthiers and listen to valuable musical performances. A stop in Milan at the Prada Foundation gave unique artistic and cultural emotions. The Prestige Concerts enchanted the audience with unforgettable sound emotions. The Art Exhibitions showcased talents from all over Italy. Finally, the 'After us' project represented a fundamental commitment for the future of young disabled people. Let's discover the details of this engaging program together!



Cultural Trips: A Journey into the World of Music in Cremona

Cremona, famous throughout the world for its tradition in violin making, was the destination of one of the cultural trips organized by the Association during the year. Music enthusiasts had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of musical instruments, visiting the workshops of master luthiers and discovering the secrets of their age-old art. During the visit, the most valuable instruments were shown and it was possible to attend live performances that enhanced the beauty and quality of the sound. It was an engaging experience that allowed participants to appreciate the skill and passion of the master luthiers of Cremona, thus contributing to preserving and enhancing this important musical tradition.


Durante la visita, sono stati mostrati gli strumenti più pregiati e si è potuto assistere a delle performance live che hanno esaltato la bellezza e la qualità del suono. È stata un'esperienza coinvolgente che ha permesso ai partecipanti di apprezzare l'abilità e la passione dei maestri liutai di Cremona, contribuendo così a preservare e valorizzare questa importante tradizione musicale.

Per pranzo la scelta è caduta, sempre seguendo la finalità di sostegno sociale, sulla Cascina Moreni, una cooperativa alle porte di Cremona che ospita ragazzi con disabilità e li accompagna in un percorso di formazione e crescita sociale.
I ragazzi ci hanno preparato un delizioso pranzo a base di prodotti locali cremonesi.


A Stop in Milan: Art, Culture and Music at the Prada Foundation

The Prada Foundation in Milan was one of the most exciting stops on the Association's program during the year. This renowned arts center offered visitors a unique experience, combining art, culture and music in one place. Contemporary art exhibitions have captivated viewers with innovative and provocative works by international artists.

The structure itself, a mix of industrial and modern architecture, created a stimulating environment for artistic exploration. Furthermore, the Prada Foundation hosted prestigious concerts that enchanted the public with exciting musical performances. This eclectic place has become a point of reference for art and culture lovers in Milan, offering a complete overview of the latest artistic and musical trends.

Prestigious Concerts: Sound Emotions That Enchanted the Audience

The prestigious concerts organized by the Association offered the public unforgettable sound emotions. Internationally renowned artists performed on stage, giving extraordinary performances that enchanted the spectators. The magical sounds of musical instruments filled the air, creating a unique and immersive atmosphere.


Each concert has been taken care of down to the smallest detail, from the selection of musicians to the choice of repertoire, to guarantee an unforgettable experience for the public. The melodic notes transported listeners into a world of emotions, leaving them breathless and wanting more. These prestigious concerts were true cultural events, which honored musical art and demonstrated the talent and passion of the musicians involved.

Art Exhibitions: An Exhibition of Talents from Every Part of Italy
The art exhibitions organized by the Association represented an important showcase for talents from all over Italy. These exhibitions offered the public the opportunity to admire works of great artistic value and to discover new emerging artists. The exhibitions ranged between different artistic forms, from paintings to sculptures, through photography and installations.


Each exhibition was curated with attention to detail, creating an evocative environment that invited visitors to immerse themselves in the art and be moved by the works on display. Thanks to these exhibitions, the Association has contributed to promoting and enhancing Italian artistic talent, demonstrating its passion for art and its commitment to supporting artists in their creative journey.

The 'After Us' Project: A Commitment for the Future of Young Disabled People

The ' After Us ' project is an initiative that is committed to guaranteeing a safe and dignified future for young disabled people. The association has dedicated time and energy to create a program that provides ongoing support to those living with a disability, even when their parents are no longer able to care for them. Through this project, the association aims to offer assistance services, legal support and financial advice to ensure that disabled young people can continue to live independently and achieve their personal aspirations. This commitment to the future of young disabled people is an example of how the association is committed not only to the present, but also to ensuring a better and more inclusive life for those who need it.

The Association concluded a successful year, with a series of engaging events that thrilled the public. The cultural trips offered a unique experience in the world of music in Cremona and allowed us to discover art and culture at the Prada Foundation in Milan. The prestigious concerts enchanted spectators with exciting musical performances, while the art exhibitions showcased talents from all over Italy.

But perhaps the most significant thing was to support the ' After us ' project, conducted by the Coop. Sociale Magari Domani Onlus based in Gazzada Schianno (Va) which demonstrated the Association's commitment to guaranteeing a better future for disabled young people. This successful year has shown that art, culture and solidarity can truly change people's lives.

Now, it is important to reflect on how these experiences can be expanded and disseminated to an even wider audience, to continue to inspire and engage more people in the future.
2024 has begun and we are naturally ready with a program of absolute interest.



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