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Now stop!!!

14/11/2023 10:33


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Now stop!!!

Are you ready to discover an event that combines art and social commitment? The collective exhibition "ENOUGH violence against women" opens on Saturda


Are you ready to discover an event that combines art and social commitment ?

The collective exhibition " ENOUGH violence against women " opens on Saturday 18 November at 10:00 am , featuring the participation of 15 contemporary artists.

The location chosen for the occasion is in a building, made available by the Municipality, located in Piazza San Anastasio in Cardano al Campo (VA), in which large, specially equipped spaces have been set up.

The collective exhibition " ENOUGH violence against women ", curated by Manuela Codazzi , represents a unique opportunity to reflect on the social emergency of gender violence. The 15 contemporary artists involved created works of art that represent commitment and solidarity in the fight against this serious problem. Each work exhibited is a testimony to the pain and suffering caused by violence against women, but also an invitation to hope and rebirth. Through works of art, the exhibition aims to raise public awareness of the need to combat gender violence, offering food for thought on how each of us can contribute to making the world a safer place for all women.


It will be possible to admire the works of Daniela Biella, Gregorio Castelli , Eva Cervellino , Manuela Codazzi , Giovanni Della Rosa, Paul Albert Dari, Adelia De Padova , Bruno Roberto Greco , Michela Paradisi, Raffaella Porrini, Laura Pozzi Rinaldi , Anna Prestigiacomo , Giovanni Tommasi and Riccardo Vignati with the extraordinary participation of the artist Silvio Monti .


From the central Piazza San Anastasio, a historic square located in the heart of the city of Cardano al Campo, right next to the church of the same name, you can access the beautiful exhibition area of the exhibition, a large and bright space that enhances the works on display.
The entrance to the upper room passes through the "Bread Room", so called because it was originally intended for the sale of bread.  


Also don't miss the opportunity to attend the musical reading " La Partigiana Fiamma ", organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Cardano al Campo - Department of Equal Opportunities , scheduled for Saturday 25 November at 9.00 pm in the Sala Pertini (Il Cubo ).


This musical event, closely linked to the art exhibition and the theme of women, tells the life of this combative woman by extrapolating readings from her diary.

  The repertoire ranges from classical music to Italian popular tradition with the involvement of artists of the highest level: Alessandra Sonia Romano , known for being ambassador of the " Shoah violin ", Nadio Marenco , Master accordionist and Elda Olivieri, popular and well-known actress and narrator as a good voice actress. It will be an engaging and emotional experience, which will make us reflect on the strength of this woman (Fiamma) and the need to combat gender violence and promote the culture of respect and equality between the sexes.

In conclusion, the event on the theme " ENOUGH violence against women " represents a unique opportunity to reflect on the seriousness of the problem of gender violence and the need to act to combat it.

The collective exhibition and the Musical Reading "La Partigiana Fiamma" will be two unforgettable events, capable of exciting and raising awareness among the public.

Don't miss the appointment! Entrances are free.



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