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Musical revivals 2023 - The 4th edition begins

05/09/2023 16:54


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Musical revivals 2023 - The 4th edition begins

Here we are, everything is ready. In fact, for the fourth consecutive year, in collaboration with the Jupiter Foundation, ArtistaOnLine and Ideaventuno


Here we are, everything is ready.
In fact, for the fourth consecutive year, in collaboration with the Jupiter Foundation , ArtistaOnLine and Ideaventuno , we gave our best to organize the "Musical revivals 2023" event .
We have spent a lot of time and energy to develop a program that we are passionate about and we are certainly convinced that you will be passionate about it too.
Take a look, here on our website, at the complete program with all the information on the concerts, dates and locations of the events.
We want to share these musical experiences with you, because we are sure you will find something interesting.
The 2023 event also serves to raise funds to finance the "After us" project, which is a training service intended for young girls and boys aged 16 to 35 to allow them to be "independent" .
The goal of the Autonomy Training Service is to become an adult in the simplest way possible, and every experience we offer is a step forward towards this goal.

But there's more.
Art, which has always accompanied our musical festival, finds its space in the exhibition "The artists tell their stories" , which will be set up in the old farmhouses of the Church of S. Maria Annunciata in Brunello (Va).

Following there will be other exhibitions also in Cardano al Campo and at the "Galleria Due Punti" in Varese.

We know you can't say no to an offer like this, so entry to concerts and exhibitions is completely free (although we always appreciate a donation).

If you have questions or need further information, send us an email to . We will be more than happy to help you.

We'll meet you next September 16th for the first of the beautiful concerts.


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