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Brunello: the fil rouge told in the "cascine"

26/03/2023 12:55

Manuela Codazzi

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Brunello: the fil rouge told in the "cascine"

It was interesting to listen to the testimonies of the Mayors who took turns in the administrative and political command of the Municipality of Brunello

It was interesting to listen to the testimonies of the Mayors who have taken turns in the political and administrative command of the Municipality of Brunello in recent decades.

In the characteristic location of the old farmhouses adjacent to the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata, the Mayors Santino Ballerio, Giuseppe Ghiringhelli, Francesco Bertoloni and most recently the Mayor currently in office Andrea Dall'Osto told us about their experience.

  As different in thought as in the way of acting but sharing the only goal, that of improving the country and the community.


Today the reality is very different from the so distant one illustrated by the former Mayor Santino Ballerio, the territory always exhibits its resplendent beauty and the industrial area also remains important, located well away from the inhabited nucleus, a heritage that offers work and consequent well-being also to the Brunellesi as well as support for various initiatives aimed at the country.

With regard to the evolution of social life and of the community, it is necessary to acknowledge here a great thanks also to the Parish in the currently present figure of Don Gianni who has always worked with great passion and infinite generosity for the good of Brunello, often in silence without the need to give prestige to one's businesses as often happens, almost dutifully, in the political world.
It is a pity that there was no invitation to the public present so that they could externalize constructive opinions and/or proposals in order to be able to face the next challenges with the necessary resources of knowledge which are essential for better progress.

  On that occasion we too could have done it, as a local association   ARTandCHARITY ODV ”, outsource our projects aimed precisely at the Brunello community.

However, we hope to be able to find the necessary support both from the institutions and from ordinary people who believe they can offer us their contribution in any form.



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