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Art... nudged

14/03/2024 13:39

Manuela Codazzi

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Art... nudged

It pains me to see the state of the art world in our local reality. With the term “Art” I intend to refer to its broadest meaning


It pains me to see the state of the art world in our local reality.
With the term " Art " I intend to refer to its broader meaning "Any form of man's activity as proof or exaltation of his inventive talent and his expressive capacity", the creative talent is expressed both with colors and brush, chisel, gouges as much as with a musical instrument or a poem.
They are all forms of great beauty, they enhance individual abilities by highlighting them and together they cultivate the love for Beauty , producing those lively emotions that often today, especially the youngest, are unable to grasp and look elsewhere, even to the point of self-destructing.
It can easily be deduced how important Art is, not only for the Artists who deserve esteem and recognition but for the entire society which must draw nourishment from it by doing its utmost in its diffusion and widespread promotion.
These principles, together with a parallel objective which is to pursue paths that support worthy social projects, are the roots with which to the ARTandCHARITY ODV Association.
The profits deriving from free offers, donations or support that are given during the events go to support infinite social projects of great importance, we started in 2017 through the meeting with the Mother General of the Madri Pie of Ovada with the support of their project in Madagascar , we have built water wells in Togo at the same time as interventions aimed at creating greater autonomy for those populations, we have supported the Ascoli Foundation and since last year we have been following and supporting the " After us " project (path towards the autonomy of young disabled people) of the Coop. social Magari Domani Onlus of Gazzada Schianno.
We have often tried to share this operational direction with other local entities whose interests overlapped with ours but to no avail other than being labeled " competition ".
Subsequently, we also had to note with amazement that evidently the interest of others was not exactly that of interacting with others, but of operating in full autonomy, clearly stealing other people's ideas for their own use and consumption, such as, for example, our combination of Art&Music (which has characterized the Reviviscenze Musicali review from the beginning rather than identifying the same social project to which the funds should be allocated.
It is obvious that nothing prevents anyone from replicating what we have been doing for years, we might even be honored by it, but what I wanted to underline is the bitterness of this " duplication " rather than " uniting ".
Unfortunately, this is the local reality of the Varese area.
It is easily understandable that behind these positions there may also be subjects for whom this is a job and this is only worthy of respect, but I don't think that "interacting" can compromise this objective, doing the opposite and replying can rather create shadows which give rise to little transparency.
I remain increasingly convinced that interacting in the realization of any objective can only bring positive growth results for everyone, if each of us made our own skills, experience and knowledge available it would be like composing a great wonderful puzzle to be made available to everyone …but mine seems to be just a naive utopia .




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