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ARTandCHARITY wears Prada…but not only

15/06/2023 16:45

Manuela Codazzi

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ARTandCHARITY wears Prada…but not only

The cultural trip to Milan on 12 June '23 far exceeded expectations.


The cultural trip to Milan on 12 June '23 far exceeded expectations.

Destination Prada Foundation Milan with guided tour followed by a concert in the evening in the Sala Verdi Conservatory of Milan with the Insubria Chamber Orchestra conducted byMaestro Giorgio Rodolfo Marini , Maestro Carlo Levi Minzi at the piano .

The great satisfaction of all the participants greatly gratified us in the face of so many efforts and motivated us to continue with our cultural proposals.


It was really nice to see so much amazement and so much emotional participation in front of the contemporary art installations of the Prada Foundation that the excellent guide Ilaria helped us to experience with more ease.

We arrived at the Conservatory in the evening quite exhausted from such a busy afternoon at the Prada Foundation but the concert by the Insubria Chamber Orchestra in the wonderful Sala Verdi once again stimulated everyone's imagination, slowly bringing us back to energy.

Thanks once again to all those who believed in our proposal and were enthusiastic about it. . We look forward to having you with us again next time.



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